The gist of my knowledge

I hereby present you what I know, or at least the parts I’ve put in words.

To the right you find articles about principles, processes and methods from an Agile and UX coach perspective, as well as a short design portfolio.

Here’s a link to my book called Product Discovery, a no-nonsense guide to building unbeatable products and services.

Product Discovery book

Below are some podcasts and video clips of me speaking the words (in Swedish if not otherwise stated).

Product Discovery Meetup [English] (Crisp, May 2020)

Martin Christensen benar ut LeanUX (greppaUX #11, June 2019)

greppaUX - Martin benar ut LeanUX

Agile UX - Från Design Sprints till Mob (Agila Sverige 2018)

Lean Startup med Martin Christensen (AgilPodden #34, May 2018)

AgilPodden - Lean Startup

Tänk på användarupplevelsen (väg74 #20, January 2016)

Väg74 - Tänk på användarupplevelsen

Hur mäter man fluff (UX) egentligen? (Agila Sverige 2016)

Traditionell UX vs Lean UX (Crisp Agile Academy 2015)

Agile UX with Martin Christensen (UX Podcast #18, June 2012)

UX Podcast - Agile UX